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What We Do

We began in 2016 as a Local SEO company based in Orange County, CA. Initially, Local SEO was our bread and butter and we helped hundreds of clients rank on the front page of Google's search results.

After great success with Local SEO, many clients began asking for other ways to improve their business online. Starting in 2019, the Instaboost team started branching out into paid advertising on Google and Social Media.


Who We Are

Our team of 20 is a diverse group each with their own special talents, skills, and industry experience. Clients can benefit from expert advice from our paid ads specialists, local SEO savants, and Google My Business experts.

We understand that your business is important and you want a partner who you can trust to generate real results. When you work with us, we promise to help you get the clients you deserve. Discover how our business can reach new heights today, with Instaboost!

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