Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do we do for your account each month?

  1. Each month, we improve your Local SEO by doing the following: NAP (name, address, phone number) updates, image SEO, content development, key word research, strategy recommendations and more!

Q. When will I be on the first page of Google?

  1. It usually takes about 60-90 days for your business to start ranking on the first page of Google when people search your key words.

Q. When will I start getting calls?

  1. An increase in calls usually starts happening once you reach the first page. On average, it takes about 60-90 days.

Q. My city is very small, can I target a different area?

  1. First, we guarantee your business will rank in the city your business is located in. Once it is ranking there, we can begin optimizing content for areas around you, within your Google My Business radius.

Q. What is the difference between organic vs. paid search results?

  1. Organic search results take longer and require more work. Paid search results are nearly instant, but cost more money because you are paying for each click you receive. Organic clicks are unlimited and do not affect your budget.

Q. How do I log into the Google My Business dashboard?

  1. First, check with us to make sure you have access to your Google My Business page. Then, you can log into your dashboard by going to and entering in your Gmail address and password.

Q. Why do my reviews get taken down?

  1. If Google’s algorithm detects that your reviews may not be organic, they will remove them. Meaning, if you have received a large number of reviews in a day or if they detect that multiple reviews have been posted from the same IP address, they are at risk for removal.

Q. Why do I need to be listed in directories?

  1. Google relies on Tier 1 Business directories for trusted information. When they see your business information displayed across their trusted directories, they know that you are a legitimate business that is open and serving customers.

Q. What can I do to help my campaign?

  1. You should send us photo updates regularly (about every 2-4 weeks if possible). It is also important for you to have reviews on your Google My Business page!

Q. What services does Instaboost Media offer besides Local SEO?

  1. Instaboost Media offers more than just Local Seo. We can also help you with your online reputation, your website and more. Give us a call to find out what additional services we suggest will benefit your business the most.

Q. What happens after my Google page is verified?

  1. Sometimes verification may be pending for 1-2 business days. After your Google My Business page is verified by Google, you will appear on Google maps.

Q. Why do I need to receive a Google verification code?

  1. A Google verification code is necessary to verify a new Google My Business page or any significant changes to your existing page. Verification codes come in different forms (phone call, text, email, video verification or post card in the mail). We cannot choose which option Google gives us, but we will always try the most convenient one available.

Q. Why am I getting so many marketing calls?

  1. Sometimes our new clients receive marketing calls after we begin working on their campaigns and have started their directory submissions. Don’t worry, this is normal! Please remember, most of these are spam calls. If you are unsure about anything they are telling you, give us a call immediately. For your own protection, do not give anyone else your credit card information.