5 Ways to Increase Your Online Presence and Boost More Revenue


1. Build a Professional Quality Website

When launching your online presence as a business owner or professional body, the first and most important step to take is to design a quality website that showcases your many qualities and professionalism. With applications such as Squarespace and many others, creating a great website or an online store has never been easier. These applications come with numerous design tools along with colorful templates from which to choose and require no prior design knowledge or a background in coding. Going digital has never been easier with these applications and the days of hiring a website builder or designer are all but over. Now you can take your business to the internet relatively easier.


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2. Create links to your website on Directories

Having a profile on a local business directory on popular directories like Yelp, Yahoo! Local, Google+ Local, and Internet Yellow Pages with a link to your business’s website will ensure that more leads and potential customers see your business. You could take advantage of the popularity of these directories in order to direct a great number of people to your website. Another thing would be to share Index data with other local businesses in the area. This will ensure a higher rank in local searches.


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3. Take Your Business to Social Media

Utilizing all the goodies that social media has to offer is one of the best ways to get people talking about your business. Popular social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest to name a few and other websites which are popular even though they’re not on the tip of everyone’s tongues e.g.,CafeMom, Flickr, and Tumblr etc. will open your business to a whole new world, and the customer possibilities that come with it.

The benefits of having active accounts on social media are innumerable. It affords you real-time communication with leads and customers, helps to increase your brand awareness, and is still the best low-cost and effective advertising yet. As of 2014, there were almost 2 billion people who use social media. This is a very large pool for whatever business you have set up. Another benefit of social media for your business is that Search engines recognize the effectiveness of social media, and searches in SERPS often have a business’s social media appear in it.


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4. Utilize SEOs

What does the term “SEO” really entail? Simply put, it is the effective use and direction of potential customers to a website through search engines; the most effective one being Google. Effectively maximizing search engine results will ensure that your business gets the attention of readers and is ranked higher up by internet search engines(usually the first page) when leads or potential customers search for a term similar to the services you offer. Major components of an effective SEO are the keywords. Keywords are important words or groups of words that relate to the services you offer.

Choosing keywords is quite easy. Begin with three to five critical keywords that relate to the services you offer or your business. That is, the words that a potential customer would likely search for, depending on what he/she is looking for, that should direct those customers to your webpage. It is important to mix between keywords (both short- and long-tail)when trying out keywords as this will help boost your presence on the Internet. It is also important to center your keywords on those words that are associated with your own particular brand as opposed to general keywords.

So let’s address the important question of how you discover the best keywords to use. The best place to start is usually Google AdWords. The tool compares and ranks different keywords so you can figure out those exact words that internet users or potential customers are looking for. You may also hire SEO experts who can help to analyze while also recommending top rated keywords. You just need to impute these keywords into your website adequately and then watch your business grow exponentially.


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5. Increase Traffic to your website using Paid Ads

An efficient way to boost your presence on the internet and pull traffic to your webpage is by using paid advertising. Many ads such as PPC ads gives you the opportunity to purchase advertisements for your business on search portals. These appear as sponsored content segment of search pages. Paid Ads are very effective and it has been estimated that Sixty-five percent of consumers view the Google Ads search results when shopping online.

It is important to use specific keywords when using PPC ads. The keywords you utilize will define your brand and boost it beyond your competitors’, so it is best to stay clear of highly general or frequently used keywords.  If there are financial means available to you to carry out Pay-per-click ad campaigns for the keywords you want alongside your Search Engine Optimization efforts, you will discover that it is excellent at bringing great traffic of serious customers to your webpage.


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