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Marketing During a Pandemic

google ads Jun 08, 2020

If you hadn’t noticed, the recent pandemic has turned normal life upside down. Businesses are struggling to cope, workers are stuck at home, and even essential industries don’t have a clear path forward.

Because of the unexpected impact this virus has had, many small businesses are floundering. 

Times of change can mean times of opportunity, and though it may seem like your business is on a downward trend, we’re here to offer some new ways to approach your marketing and online business growth. 

#1 Help Your Community

We have hundreds of clients in every state. But because of the pandemic, we began losing clients. We knew we weren’t alone, so we decided to help our community in a real way.

Instaboost Media began delivering food to our local Orange County neighborhoods and businesses to help ease the pressure of staying at home and waiting in long lines for food. 

For your website, store, or business, think of what you can offer for free or a service you can provide at no charge. Helping others in your area is enough. You’ll also discover your visitors or customers will increase, which is a nice benefit.

#2 Google Ads are Cheap

Because of the pandemic, ads are becoming increasingly cheaper to purchase. Big companies need smaller companies to fight for ads to drive their cost, and when smaller companies are closing down, ad prices plummet. 

Ironically, despite ad prices being down, people have been online for much longer than normal because of “shelter in place” rules. With ad prices down and online use time up, it’s a perfect opportunity to start an ads campaign on Google. 

Recent trends have shown greater ROI for ads than even before the pandemic began. And with less direct competition, why not start taking this opportunity to boost your business today?

If you haven’t tried Google ads, give it a shot. The sooner you start, the more your business can benefit. 

#3 Navigating Poor Conversion Rates

For many businesses, small and large alike, conversion rates are down significantly. 

People are still searching on the internet, but their likelihood of clicking on a paid ad or finding what they’re looking for is low.

This is true for paid products and services online too. 

If you have an eCommerce store or any online payment option, we recommend offering payment plans. This eases the burden for consumers and makes them more likely to follow through on a purchase. 

#4 Offer Something Educational

Chances are if you’re in business, you have multiple skills. Actors, entertainers, business owners, and everything in between have taken this time to offer online resources. 

This can range from free skills-based workshops to education “how-to” videos. If you have the know-how or training, teach others what you know so they can benefit.

Most people have a lot of time to watch and learn, so why not offer them something new to learn? It’s cheaper than going back to college. 

Eventually, you can even continue these classes after the pandemic is over and use it as a source of revenue. 

#5 Adjust Your Global Audience

This pandemic has affected most countries on earth, however, they have all dealt with this crisis in different ways. 

This is an opportunity for you to expand our reach beyond the U.S. Through international SEO, you can drive more foreign traffic to your site and get your content shared globally. 

This doesn’t require knowledge of another language, or even a special course in web design.

It might be slow at first, but within months you’ll see your global audience grow and spread into less competitive markets across the world.

The End...for now

Unfortunately, the situation in America will get worse before it gets better.

We recommend following all the CDC guidelines for staying safe and healthy, and we look forward to working with you more in the future!

Our team hopes you take some time to consider the opportunities this time is offering, whether you want to start online advertising, investing in growing your audience, or simply helping your local community. 

We’ll be here around the clock to offer you resources and answer any of your questions throughout this time.

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