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Boost Your Ads With Competitive Bidding

google ads Nov 20, 2020

Google has a brand new feature coming to Google Ads. 

Essentially, it allows you to bid on local leads so you can grow your business faster.

How does it work? Starting November 16th, you’ll be able to bid for leads so your ads can reach more customers. Similarly to Google Ads, you will only pay for a lead that clicks on your ad. (Pay Per Click - PPC)


So how does bidding work?


Bids are basically the largest amount you would pay for a lead. You and your competitors’ bid amounts decide how much certain leads are worth.

Engaging in competitive bidding allows you to place your ad higher on Google’s results page. 

Google will take into account your current Google My Business profile when you bid. They look at insights, how often you answer the phone, how many positive reviews you have, and what search terms help users discover your ads.


How do you decide on a good bidding strategy? That’s where we can help. Whether you’re running ads with us or you're new to ads, our team can create custom strategies to get you quality leads and more customers from online ads. 

The good news is getting started is simple. The default bid amount is only how much you pay for leads. We can make sure you don’t spend money on poor leads, and you’ll never exceed your monthly budget.

Stay ahead of the competition! Bidding has already started, and your competitors have set their bidding preferences. When you’re ready to dive in, call us to make sure you don’t get burned by the competition.


Call us today at (650) 383-1865 to see if bidding is available for your industry.


For more information, read Google's full article here:

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