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Facebook Ads: Expanding Your Business’s Reach

case study facebook ads Jan 06, 2021

We’ve all seen Facebook ads, but you might not realize the impact they can have on customer reach. During the recent pandemic, Facebook ads have become an increasingly popular choice for small businesses wanting to advertise their products or services online. While scrolling through their Facebook feed, potential customers can quickly discover your products or services and share them with their friends. With Facebook ads, you can cater to a custom audience, set daily budgets, and build a community of recurring clients. At Instaboost Media, we’ll help you uncover the mystery behind these ads' success with simple steps we took in a recent case study. 


In 2020, we worked with an online retailer of watersports apparel. Even though this company had a niche market and target clientele, we didn’t let that scare us from scaling this eCommerce business with Facebook ads. Every business has a “special” target group, even your business. As long as you find the right customer group, Facebook can expand your audience. We knew that there was a demand for saltwater apparel, and we wanted to get as many people interested as possible in this brand’s products. 


With Facebook’s vast demographic and audience data and some dedicated research, you can find the ultimate target audience that fits your business. For this client, we started running all the possible fishing gear-related ad sets that we could think of, and after weeks of testing, we took a closer look at the results. The proof was in the pudding, and our team found lead indicators that proved to be a success. Then, we took the best performing ads we had made and set the advertising budget with Facebook’s algorithm to maximize the results and audience reach. In the end, our client saw a quarterly revenue increase that was over five times higher than before! 


This short case study shows that with the right amount of research, creativity, and testing to find a target audience, your Facebook ads can take you and your business to new heights. 


Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the ongoing Facebook traffic. If you want to use our tips or join our team of professionals, Instaboost is here to help you find the ultimate Facebook ads strategy! Just like our clothing retailer, you could grow your quarterly revenue by five times...or higher. Schedule your FREE strategy session with us today!

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