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How To Get Online Reviews

local seo reviews Jul 17, 2020

Most people do their research when they search for an online product or service. An easy way to get feedback and check for quality is by reading reviews. Most online businesses have reviews. Google displays many of these reviews on their review platform. If you list your company on Google My Business, customers and clients can leave your reviews and feedback about their experience.  


So let’s say your business is all set up online. You have a GMB account, your website is beautiful and optimized, and you have an active ads campaign. How do you get reviews from clients? There are two good strategies. 


The easiest way to get Google reviews is to ask for them. Whenever a client uses your product or service, ask them to leave you a review. It doesn’t take much time to write a review, and customers often follow through when asked. You can ask for a review through email, in person, a phone call, or by installing an easy-to-use button or form on your website. Or you can do all of this together! But why are reviews important?


The more reviews your business has online, the more trusted your company becomes. You can build an online reputation through a collection of quality, informative reviews from your clients. When new clients see your reviews, they think, “wow, this company knows what they’re doing. They seem reputable and well-established. Look at how many people have used them before!” This is great for your business as it generates more clients who already develop trust before even meeting you. 


But what about bad reviews? Can’t those hurt my business? Yes, bad reviews are not ideal, but they don’t hurt your business. Having mixed reviews (but still having a good rating overall like 4 stars) can promote your business ahead of others. Customers who read an honest assortment of opinions feel more confident choosing a business than one with few, positive reviews. 


The last important point is to manage your online reputation. Having good and bad reviews for your business page is a good start. But as a business owner, you need to actively respond to feedback. Unsatisfied customer? Apologize and ask what you can do better. Happy client? Thank them for their business and encourage them to come back again. Building a rapport with your customer community is essential for managing your online reputation. When people see you care, then they trust you to do your job well. But responding to reviews can be tedious and tiring. You can hire a quality reputation management company to respond on your behalf and make sure your reputation remains untarnished online.


What to do now? Encourage all of your clients to review you after enjoying your services. Use every tool on your kit to display a collection of quality reviews and respond to reviews regularly to manage your reputation. 

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