Instaboost Media Included in Clutch’s California Press Release

The news that Lebron James joined the LA Lakers is bupkis compared to the news that Instaboost Media was included in Clutch’s press release announcing the top Golden State business service companies. This press release included just over 500 companies out of the (almost) 3,000 California companies on Clutch’s website. According to this article, 75% of total marketing budgets will go towards digital marketing, so yeah Lebron, we’re a big deal!

Clutch is an independent ratings and reviews platform that collects case-study style feedback from the clients of business service companies all over the world.

We list on Clutch’s website while they collect reviews from our clients based on the SEO and digital marketing services we do for them. We’re no joke on Clutch. We rank high on their directories with a total of nine reviews!

Our most recent review on Clutch was from a client who really appreciated how much digital marketing knowledge we had. They said,

They’re very sharp. They seem to really know what they’re doing, and they react quickly when I have a question.”


Another one of our clients who reviewed us in February 2018, had this to say about our customer service,


They’re very customer-service focused and I know that somebody is going to be there to answer my questions.”


With all these great reviews on Clutch’s platform, we sit high up on their Orange County SEO Companies directory.


Our presence on Clutch is so strong that Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest featured us as a Los Angeles area SEO leader.

Interested in working with an awesome Cali agency like Instaboost Media? Head to our contact page to start a conversation with us!

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