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Local SEO Key Points That Can Make Your Business Rank Higher

local seo Jul 10, 2020

When starting your online SEO campaign, you want to get the most out of all your hard work and find lifelong clients. At Instaboost, we have seen the tremendous growth that a local SEO campaign can provide for your business. Everyone around you will be able to find you within a click. However, we seem to forget that potential customers can also make decisions within seconds. Those couple of seconds are critical for your business and can provide you with a customer for life. There might be a couple of mistakes that you are making that are causing a lower success rate. Today we are sharing some tips and tricks to ensures that your Local SEO campaign is click-worthy and can make your business will rank higher. 

 Accuracy & Consistency

The saying is true, “Consistency is key”. Your future customers want to have the most accurate representation of your business. They want to see new projects, results, and special offers. Therefore, it is best to consistently upload posts with the most accurate information. This could be your new address, phone numbers, discounts, holiday hours, and so on. Inaccurate information can be frustrating (and isn’t recommended by Google) and show a lack of professionalism that can lead to the customer choosing someone else over you. Obviously, this is not favorable for your growing business. Consistent uploads show an active, dedicated, and motivated company that will benefit your growth rate in the future. 


There is nothing customers love more than being heard and getting answers to their questions. Consistent customer engagement leads to a loyal customer base. Showing customers the love, respect, and engagement they deserve has never been more critical. Even when you receive a bad review, always reply with kindness and professionalism. Customers today have more choices than ever. Thanks to the media, you can interact and engage with them. Truly engaging with your customers makes them feel more appreciated and gives them that “your satisfaction is our number #1 priority” kind of feeling, which in the end will lead to them coming back for your services and spreading positive news about your services. 

Stay Close To Your Values

We know that it can be tempting to write about hundreds of topics and services on your page. However, it is better to focus on the most important core values of your business and work off of that. If you own a local pizzeria, focus on the delicious pizza and Italian food that you are providing and slowly progress. Nobody wants to be bombarded with tons and tons of information. Even though providing customers with information is good, make sure that they don’t get confused by all your services. Therefore, it is essential for you to truly know what you provide and stand for as a business and intertwine these values with your local SEO campaign. 

 Professional Photos

Nowadays, they call it aesthetically pleasing. Let’s be honest here, you are more likely to work with a business that has professional photos on their pages instead of photos that have used the grain filter one too many times. Customers want to see your work and see if it links with their needs and services that they expect from you. Spend some time on getting quality, professional-looking photos of your business, and the clicks will come rolling in. Show the world your incredible services through professional-looking photography. 

 Quality Over Quantity

Even though, as mentioned before, “consistency is key”. Always ensure that the content that you are putting out provides value. Do not waste the time of your potential clients since they can click away in a second. Do not just post to post because your clients will get lost in the maze of unnecessary information. Instead, provide attention-grabbing material and remember that it is the quality over quantity that matters. 

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