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The Ecommerce Accountants

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2022

Tax season is here and If you’re an eCommerce business who is looking for an easier means of dealing with your taxes, The Ecommerce Accountants have the perfect solution for you. 


The Ecommerce Accountants are accounting and tax experts that help manage online businesses with their finances. They provide a variety of services, such as s-corp setup, outsourced CFO, and ecommerce CFO 

How it all started: 

The Ecommerce Accountants, founded by Christian Rivera in 2019, specialize in tax, accounting, and business structuring specifically for eCommerce companies. Since then, they have had the opportunity to work with many notable figures and businesses in the world of eCommerce.


Christian Rivera and the Ecommerce Accountants specializes in tax accounting for retail consumer products and service based industries. Through the years, his firm has continuously sharpened their skills and increased their tax accounting knowledge and stayed up to date with the changing rules and guidelines for taxes in the ecommerce industries.  Before he started his own firm, Rivera worked at Ernst and Young for six and a half years. Working at Ernst and Young allowed Rivera to work with both private and public multinational businesses, having experience with business structuring, accounting, consulting, auditing, tax compliance and tax planning. As a New York State Certified Public Accountant, when it comes to the topic of taxes and management, he is extremely knowledgeable and an expert.

The difference:

With their vast experience in the tax and business world, The Ecommerce Accountants have been able to create a company where they have been able to find their niche and structure their company differently. A majority of the private practice CPAs out there accept any client just for the money and the job, but here at The Ecommerce Accountants they look in depth at your individual needs as a business. This makes their attention to detail a unique and beneficial resource when it comes to properly managing your eCommerce business. Not only do they take your individual needs into consideration, but they also work to maintain a consistent working relationship with you. The Ecommerce Accountants believe that consistency is key in maintaining and strengthening a working relationship and helping to add even more value to your business. They keep in contact with you in order to ensure the stability and to further work to maintain accounting and tax planning strategies that will work to advance your business.

Customers who make $100k in monthly sales and upwards have been able to benefit tremendously from the help of The Ecommerce Accountants. It is essential to keep track of your accounting and bookkeeping and it sure can be a hassle, so learn more about The Ecommerce Accountants and how they can help to relieve your stress!

The Ecommerce Accountants offer their services within packages so that the process is more condensed and made easier for you,

Services include 

  • individual tax return preparation, 
  • daily cash flow analysis, 
  • sales tax monthly return filings and registration, 
  • and even more! 

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