Turn Local Searches Into Customers With Google My Business

What is Google My Business (GMB)?

GMB, also commonly known as Google My Business, is an effective way to promote your business/businesses. GMB includes your business’ location on Google Maps, a website (business’ site or free site given by Google), reviews, photos, contact information and operating hours, etc.


Why GMB?

GMB is widely used by small business owners to promote their business/businesses on to Google, it allows potential customers to get an insight into what the business offers and where it is located. While many individuals depend on Google Maps to get to places (restaurants, gas stations, local businesses.etc), many business owners might not realize that any company can claim a GMB listing on Google Maps for free by utilizing a Google My Business account, Furthermore, GMB allows individuals an easier time to find your listing.


Benefits of an optimized GMB listing

Allowing Google to see accurate pieces of information across the directories, which then helps rank your business up higher on Google.

Higher traffic Flow: 80% of the consumers use Google Maps to get to their destination. By optimizing your GMB listing, your potential customers will have an easier time getting to your business.

50% of customers who do a local search on their smartphones visit a business within a day.

38% more likely to visit a business if the online information is up-to-date and correct.

Allows you to keep track of both positive and negative reviews in regard to your business as well as engaging with customers

What if I don’t manage my business listing?

Neglecting your Google My business listing is like keeping your dream home empty and undecorated.

A bare home might make your visitors feel a bit uncomfortable when your Google My Business listing lacks complete and up-to-date information which can lose your potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does GMB listing cost?
A: Google My Business is free and anyone can utilize it for their business/businesses

Q: If I already have a website, do I still need a GMB?
A: GMB is a bonus on top of your website. It allows potential clients to easily access your information, such as addresses, reviews, operation hours, etc. on google.

Q: What is needed to create a website?
A: You would need a google listing, Google’s free website generator utilize the information given from your listing to create a simple site. You also have the freedom to customize your website by adding photos or different business designs.

Q: What if I don’t have a storefront? Can I still use GMB?
A: Most definitely. Regardless of whether your business is from home or if it is a service-area, even without an address, your business can still appear on Google.

Q: How do I get my business verified?
A: Most businesses get verified by receiving a verification postcard that is given to you by google via mail.


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