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SEO Content, Why It Matters

content writing Sep 16, 2020

Writing about your business sounds easy right? Simply tell your story, write short promotional offers, and be clear about your products or services.


In theory, yes. But for SEO (search engine optimization), its a little more complicated. 


To brush up on what SEO is and what it does, read the articles here.


SEO content is designed to be read by Google and your clients. How does Google read your content? Basically, their “robots” scan your page and extract key words and phrases that help them understand what it is you do. These robots read much faster than humans but require a more straightforward approach to language. If your Google My Business profile’s content is too confusing, Google’s bots might not know what services your offer and you won’t rank well online.


However, SEO content writing fixes this problem. The goal of this writing style is to make your content legible by both Google’s bots and real human...

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