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Full Time - Santa Ana, CA

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Job Description

If you have experience as a marketing manager, this job's for you. At Instaboost Media, Google Ads Project Managers handle a collection of accounts from clients across the nation. These accounts can be from a wide range of different industries, each with unique budgets, target audiences, and goals. Unlike many advertising jobs, our Project Managers are the first point of contact for new and existing customers. Our clients appreciate and benefit from a consistent one-on-one contact from their dedicated PM. It's their job to follow up about any new data, log changes from the client, and ensure all the campaigns' keywords are fully optimized. Project Managers play the middleman between building efficient ads campaigns and helping clients interpret their ads data. This marketing job position requires good conversation skills, an organized workflow, and a genuine passion to see small business owners succeed. 

Are you an expert with Google Ads campaigns? Are you a people person who I organized and detail oriented? Keep on reading for more information!

So who is Instaboost anyway? Instaboost Media is digital marketing agency based in Santa Ana, CA. We work with small business owners nationwide to generate more traffic through Google Ads and Local SEO. Our Project Managers are the backbone of client interaction and make sure all the accounts are running efficiently. Google Ads Project Managers can expect:


  • $18/hour

Why Should You Work Here:

  • Weekly Bonuses
  • Bi-Weekly Commissions (Avg $300)
  • Free Lunches
  • Monthly Team Outings
  • Spiffs
  • Medical & Dental After 90 Days


  • Manage an average of 150 Google Ads & SEO Accounts
  • Set up and optimize Google Ad campaigns
  • Implement Local SEO best practices for clients
  • Respond to support cases in a timely manner
  • Handle calls that come into the company main line
  • Contact clients on a monthly basis, expect to be on the phone for at least 2 hours per day


  • Google Ads certification
  • 2 years of call center experience
  • Strong organization skills


  • Digital Marketing experience
  • Sales experience

If you have thought, said, or just 100% relate to all of the following statements, press the ‘Easy Apply’ button because we want YOU:

-“I’m Organized AF and I would put Leslie Knope to shame.”

-“I love Talking to People so much that I’m thinking about gluing my phone to my face.”

-“I’m so thirsty to learn I feel like I’m forever parched for knowledge.”

-“‘Helping People’ is my middle name.”

-“On a 0-10 scale how passionate am I about Marketing? Let’s just say the number is so high you wouldn’t want to count to it.”

-“My Writing is so good my personal journals were later published and renamed as the highly renowned series, The Hunger Games”

-“My Multitasking abilities rival those of an administrative octopus.”

-“I compare my Quickness with tasks to Takeru Kobayashi in a hot dog eating contest.”

-“I can handle a ‘Fast-paced Environment’ like a traffic conductor handles a crosswalk in Tokyo”

-“I’m so Enthusiastic and Positive, my aura is a kaleidoscope of rainbows.”

-“When you ask if I’m looking for a company with growth, I say: I’m looking to plant my roots and flourish like Jack’s Giant Beanstalk”

-“I like dogs & cats.”

You must be insanely good at what you do and be confident about it.

You must be extremely autonomous.

You must understand that this is a full-full-full-time job.

When you send your resume, brag and brag hard.

We want extremely talented people and we're willing to pay for it if your experience and personality warrants it.

So, if you think you have what it takes to join our team and those statements above really resonated with you (plus didn’t weird you out), click the ‘Easy Apply' button!

P.S. Honestly we are just a fun, driven, close-knit group of hard-working people who are looking for similar people to share our journey with!

P.P.S Only apply if you are truly serious about joining our family!

Now it's time for you to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $800.00 /week


Interested in this role?

Send an email to [email protected] with your name and this job title in the subject line. Attach your resume. In the email, let us know why you are good fit for this role. Please include your answers to the following questions:

  • How many years of Customer Service experience do you have?
  • How many years of Google Ads experience do you have?
  • How many years of Sales experience do you have?
  • Do you have Google Ads certification?

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