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What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are a form of online advertising that uses social media as a tool to reach targeted audiences. This essentially allows you to put a sign with your business information in front of potentially interested users. For each ad, you can choose a fixed budget or let it run for a specific amount of time. You can even select when to promote the ad and curate the audience that will be the primary viewers.

Target specific demographics

You choose your own audience! For every ad, you can select an age demographic, location, common interests, and much more to tailor the perfect audience for your products and services. This means no more wasting money hoping for calls. With proper management, consumers interested in your business will see your ads.

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Increase brand awareness

Just because you choose a target audience doesn’t mean other people won’t see your ads. When one viewer interacts with your ad, they also influence their circle of friends. If you have a promotional offer or seasonal event, you can broaden your audience to maximize exposure. Because of the versatility of social media ads, you’re able to customize who sees your ads and manage and boost your brand’s online presence.

Cost-effective campaigns

You choose the audience you want to advertise to, set a budget of your choice, and select how long you want your ads to run. This maximizes every dollar you invest in ads to make sure your business is being seen by potential clients.

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"I appreciate the dedicated help I’ve received from [Instaboost Media] with my business Facebook Ads. Their expertise has helped me get over 90 leads in a few weeks. Thank you for all your support!"

Irene Zepeda
MONAT Hair and Salon

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