Instaboost Media | The Best Local SEO Company In The Nation

For our first blog, we wanted to write about who we are and what we do. Instaboost Media in Tustin, CA has been nominated The best rated Local SEO Company in the Nation! by Stevie Awards & other sources. Our experts have over a decade of experience using Search Engine Optimization tactics to get Google My Business listings and websites ranking onto the first page of search engines. Here at Instaboost Media, we follow a special four-step Local SEO process:

  1. We update your NAP (name, address & phone) information, which consists of your business name, address and phone number. This data is the basics of SEO! Making sure that search engines see consistent NAP information in online databases is critical for first page rankings.

2. We create a customized content strategy, with carefully chosen keywords specifically designed to make your business stand out in your area and industry. Our experts write content that your customers and clients are interested in, and more importantly, that search engines understand.

3. We optimize your images and upload them to your online directories and business listings. Regularly updates, geotagged and keyword optimized photos are important to prove that your business is active online.

4. We wait for search engines to crawl the verified and optimized listings that we have implemented online for your business; search engines do this on a regular basis, usually every 30 or so days. The more often they see new key words and content pertaining to your business, the higher they will rank your listing and website.

Once you’re ranking on the first page, our work doesn’t stop there! The SEO experts at Instaboost Media regularly evaluate your key words to make sure that you always have the best and most relevant content for your area and industry. Every month, you will receive a ranking report so you can see firsthand how your SEO rankings are moving upward.

We also design custom websites with integrated heatmaps and call tracking. These features allow us to analyze what someone clicks on, scrolls through and mouses over when they visit your webpage. This shows us what is working on your website and what needs to be changed to ensure that the site views you’re getting from your first page rankings convert into business.

To ensure that your business is getting the online visibility it deserves, you need to work with the company rated best Local SEO Company in the nation! Instaboost Media is employed with the top SEO experts specializing in search engine optimization, SEO website design, reputation management, social media marketing and more! If you want to appear higher in the search results than your competitors and drive more traffic to your website, give us a call today at (650) 837-0322. You can also check out more details about all of our products and services here: